SMACNA/ASHRAE Seismic Restraint Applications CD-ROM
1st Edition
Published: 2002


The SMACNA/ASHRAE Seismic Restraint Applications CD-ROM provides system designers with the technical information required to design and implement seismic restraints for HVAC equipment, piping, and ducts. The design professional can use the equations and tables to perform calculations for the attachment of equipment, piping, and ducts to the supporting structure. The CD includes representative bracing details, layout examples, and tables. The tables indicate the required bracing spacing and specify the size of the required structural members, including anchorage. The new combined CD consists of SMACNA's Seismic Restraint Manual: Guidelines for Mechanical Systems, plus Addendum No. 1. ASHRAE's portion contains Chapter 54 on seismic and wind restraint design (I-P) and (SI) from the 2003 ASHRAE Handbook - HVAC Applications, and three chapters from ASHRAE's A Practical Guide to Seismic Restraint. Chapter Five focuses on connectins, Chapter Seven on ductwork and Chapter Eight on suspended piping.

Product Type: Technical Manual
Size: 0 pages
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